Orchestra Project

Connecting people of different backgrounds in their enthusiasm for music is what the 'Klänge der Hoffnung' project stands for since 2016. The dream of having our own orchestra came true in 2021 - transculturally and like the whole project in the spirit of autumn '89: for an open country with free people.

Musicians and instruments
The 'Klänge der Hoffnung' orchestra brings together around 40 musicians from the Leipzig area who grew up in a wide variety of places, including Syria, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Armenia, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy, Guinea, Turkey and Iran. Accordingly, non-European and European instruments work together equally and harmoniously in our music: Oud, baglama, santoor, ukulele and West African percussion instruments alongside violin, clarinet and piano.

Our music
Our orchestra musically reflects the diversity of our musicians. Our own compositions, which include quarter tones from Arabic and Persian musical cultures or Latin American rhythms, for example, create surprising stylistic connections - and Leipzig's very own diversity.
The musical director of the orchestra is Ali Pirabi. He studied European music in Iran and loves Bach's works. In 2013, he had to flee for political reasons. He found a new home in Leipzig, the city of Bach.

Performances and activities
From high culture to educational work: the orchestra has already played in the Leipzig Gewandhaus or at the Klangbrücken Festival in Dresden and at the same time creates offers for schools to address young people in particular, in both rural and urban areas. Another focus is the supra-regional and international networking with similar initiatives.

Concerts 2023

  • 5 March at 5 pm in the Nikolai Church
  • 6 May at 7 pm in Zwickau, Ev.-meth. Friedenskirche
  • 6 June at 7 pm at the Gewandhaus (Great Hall)
  • 1 July at 4 pm at Leisnig, Kloster Buch
  • 24. September um 14 Uhr in Wurzen, Kulturhaus "Schweizergarten"
  • 22 October at 5 pm at Taucha, St. Moritzkirche
  • 8. November um 19 Uhr in Torgau, Johann-Walter-Gymnasium
  • 20. November um 10 und 12 Uhr im Leipziger Gewandhaus (Schüler*innenkonzert)

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Project funding

The 'Klänge der Hoffnung' project "In Vielfalt vereint - Leipziger interkulturelles Orchester" (United in Diversity - Leipzig Intercultural Orchestra) is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs and the Free State of Saxony within the framework of the state programme Integrative Measures as well as the Gesellschaft für Leistungsschutzrechte mbH (GVL).