Ensemble 'Klänge der Hoffnung'

The Ensemble 'Klänge der Hoffnung' emerged from the project 'Klänge der Hoffnung' of the Foundation Peaceful Revolution. On the occasion of the network concert on 26 September 2017 in the Grassi Museum, Leipzig, musicians from the network came together for the first time to form an ensemble.

The Ensemble 'Klänge der Hoffnung' plays in a variable formation of four to eight people. All the musicians in the ensemble are also involved in the project; they come from Syria, Iran, Italy, Poland, Bangladesh and Germany. Their repertoire combines European, Arabic and Persian music as well as Klezmer influences.

The Ensemble 'Klänge der Hoffnung' delights its audience again and again at its performances with its joy of playing and melodies that are fed by the traditions of different cultural circles, but also emerge as something new when played together.

Contact Tilmann Löser Tel: 0176/20088303, Mail: loeser@stiftung-fr.de

With: Ali Pirabi: Santoor & kamanche Basel Alkatrib: Oud, Ghandi Aljrf: Tombac & vocals, Karolina Trybala: Vocals, Roberto Fratta: Percussion, Friederike von Oppeln-Bronikowski: Clarinet  Samuel Seifert: Violin, Tilmann Löser: Piano, Luise RauerVocals (guest).

Video examples: