'Klänge der Hoffnung' is a network that aims to bring musicians with and without refugee biographies into contact with each other and to promote making music together.

Our aims are:

  • showing musical diversity
  • enabling encounters
  • creating publicity

Transcultural music initiatives - networking and impulses

‚Klänge der Hoffnung’ since its foundation in 2016, also sees itself as a network that brings people in the field of 'music and diversity' together and makes them more visible. Initially, this network was limited to Leipzig and the surrounding area, but we are now networked throughout Saxony. In June 2020, we held a nationwide network meeting with other initiatives of transcultural project work for th
Im Projekt "Transcultural Music Initiatives - Networking and Impulses" we engaged in exchange with other cultural workers, academics and those interested in culture and together asked ourselves the question:

"How can we together sustainably make our society more diverse or make the existing diversity more tangible for a broader audience?"

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People and organisations in the network

Weitere Menschen, die für das Netzwerk 'Klänge der Hoffnung' organisieren, finden Sie unter Musicians